UGC NET/JRF Economics : Game Theory

Game Theory

Mental Aptitude : Time, Speed and Distance - Part 1

Hello friends,in this video we will learn how to solve and understand the problems of time and distance with ratio tricks

CTET Paper-I : Language and Thought

In this video,we have discussed about concept of language,characteristics of language,elements of language,importance of language, factors affecting language and stages of language development.

UGC NET/JRF Management : Derivatives - Part 2

This video explains the futures, forwards and Options in much details with proper examples for a better understanding of the topic. Also it explains the various Terminologies used throughout the topic for a strong base.

Mental Aptitude : Syllogism- Part 1

In this video we have explained the Part-1 of Syllogism with the help of Analytical table.

UGC NET/JRF Commerce : International Trade Theories- Part 2

In this video we have discussed the Modern Theories of International Trade like Hecksher Ohlin, Product LIfe Cycle and National Competitive Advantage Theory with their Assumptions.

General Studies : President and Vice-President - Part 1

In this video we will discuss all aspects related to the post of President and Vice President of India.It includes qualifications, mode of election, powers and functions of both these offices. Please stay tuned for part 2 of the video which will be the concluding video.

UGC NET/JRF Paper-I : Concept of Hypothesis

In this video we have discussed the concept of hypothesis in which we have covered the Null and Alternative hypothesis and also discussed the Type 1 error and Type 2 error in detail.

UGC NET/JRF Commerce : Financial Inclusion, NBFC's and DFI's

In this video,we have covered three new topics from the subject Banking and Financial Institution. Also recent Government initiatives taken by the government to promote financial inclusion is also covered.

UGC NET/JRF Paper-I : SWAYAM (Teaching Aptitude)

This video lecture helps the UGC/NET aspirants to gain information about the new topic introduced as per the updated syllabus that is SWAYAM ( ONLINE METHOD)

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