UGC NET/JRF Management : Women Entrepreneurship

This video explains the concept and functions of Women Entrepreneurs and also the problems faced by them. It also includes the role of Government in overcoming those problems.

UGC NET/JRF Management : Introduction of Strategic Management

In this video aspirants would be able to understand the Conceptual meaning of Strategy its types,Decisions and Strategic Management process.

UGC NET/JRF Paper-I : Concept of Hypothesis

In this video we have discussed the concept of hypothesis in which we have covered the Null and Alternative hypothesis and also discussed the Type 1 error and Type 2 error in detail.

UGC NET/JRF Paper-I : Square of Opposition Part-1

In this video we have discussed the topic Square of Oppositions part-1 in which we have covered Contradictory, Contrary and Sub contrary statements we have covered all the rules related to these statements with the help of examples and this is one of important topic from examination point of view.

UGC NET/JRF Economics : Theories of Economic Development- Part 1 (Adam Smith & Ricardo)

In this video we have discussed about theories of economic development in brief and further explained two important theories of Adam Smith and David Ricardo.

UGC NET/JRF Commerce : Financial Inclusion, NBFC's and DFI's

In this video,we have covered three new topics from the subject Banking and Financial Institution. Also recent Government initiatives taken by the government to promote financial inclusion is also covered.

UGC NET/JRF Commerce : Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

In this video,we have discussed about Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI). we have also discussed various types of FDI & FDI policy in India ,recent government initiatives.

UGC NET/JRF Paper-I : Coding and Decoding

We need to understand different types of coding and techniques to solve questions for UGC NET/JRF exam. It should be followed by Practice Questions and Doubt Sessions.

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