Theories of Economic Development (Adam Smith and Ricardo) | Paper 2 | Economics-Code 01

In these notes we have discussed theories of economic development in brief and further explained two important theories of Adam Smith and David Ricardo.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

In these notes we have discussed the concept of FDI and FPI , the different types of FDI , trends in FDI and India's FDI Policy.

Research Aptitude (Paper 1)

These notes contain the full syllabus of Research Aptitude as per the changes. In these notes the topics which are discussed are :- Concept of Research, Research Process, Types of research and Positivism and Post-Positivism.

Square of Opposition

In these notes we have explained the complete concept of square of opposition with the help examples and we have also provided Previous Year Ques.


In these notes the topic which we have covered are Non-banking Financial Companies,Development Finance Institution and Financial Inclusion.

Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurship

Strategic Management

Strategic Management

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